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This is Chanel Moody’s website that displays her work as a DIRECTOR, EDITOR and CINEMATOGRAPHER. On this site, you will see her work she’s done over the past years. You will see behind the scenes footage and pictures from project’s of her working on music videos, school projects and footage of her shooting random footage in Baltimore City. You would also see a reel of her work, with the collection of her music videos and interviews shot in the past year under the work tab. Also, you can find Chanel’s first silent movie under the work tab.


You have the option to contact her if you would like to hire her for work or would like more information about her work or any up and coming projects she has. Chanel is working on a project with a local artist, please visit the Work In Progress Category to review process video. This is a site where you can get to know Chanel Moody and get to preview and see her current work and projects coming in the near future. She would love for you to follow her blog and stay updated with her work because she works hard and is dedicated to making great videos.


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