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R.J. SanchezSNOWBEACH REEL” is one of my favorite reels on the net. His collection of videos is very inspirational to me as far as getting to that point where I could visit those types of places and shoot. This reel matches perfectly with the chosen music; it helps the mood and brings out the clips as if they were a trailer for a movie.






Chanel has been a Cinematographer/Editor since 2011. She resides in the Baltimore metro area and is a graduate from Full Sail University Digital Cinematography degree program. She starting filming in her early high school days of random footage of her friends dancing and playing sports. That’s when she knew she wanted to go to school and do it professionally. With the encouragement from her friends and family she recorded her first music video for a local music artist and friend in 2011. She have received great reviews from her work shooting and directing the music video, which caught the attention of another music artist from that point on they created a group “Dirty Pots And Spoons”. She created vlogs of artist around Baltimore free styling and doing mini docs of up and coming rappers. Chanel’s passion has always be film but also music. She linked up with a raising videographer from Baltimore who is the creator of a series of hip-hop cyphers. They worked together numerous on projects and have successfully created videos that have been watched by a great amount of different artist. Chanel really like creating videos that’s incorporated with music. Knowing that Baltimore is not really known for music, Chanel would like to show the world the talented artists from Baltimore while doing what she loves to do best.

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